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Why Solar?

Solar energy modules have been used for power generation for more than two decades. It is a proven technology.

The recent decline in the cost of solar PV modules, the continuous enhancement in their power generation efficiency, together with the surge of more flexible and more cost competitive technologies such as thin film, has made solar PV technology a promising avenue to provide alternative energy at par with fossil fuel in the foreseeable future.

This is further strengthened by the improved capabilities in inverters and other elements in the balance of system.

Pacific Max Solar Technologies Development Ltd. (PM Solar) is a Canadian company that is dedicated to designing and developing medium size commercial solar PV system (10 kw to 500 kw power output).

Why system?

Generating energy from the sun is an advanced technology, which is being improved everyday. Users are better served with a complete and tested system solution, instead of being provided with tailor-made solutions, both in the features and in the costs.

As the system designer, Pacific Max Solar Technologies Development Ltd takes it as a continuous process, to include the most competitive design attributes and integrates the best components from strategic manufacturer partners into the customer ready systems.